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Community Activity

Guidebook for renters

Hello, I am new here but we have listed our trailer and have it rented out for two separate occasions. I would like to provide a very cheatsheet/checklist for the renter that helps them navigate the trailer as easily as possible. I am looking for ide...

Resolved! Early renter

Hello all! A renter wants to come take the camper one day earlier than what is in the original request. The original request was for Friday mid afternoon and they want it to be ready on Thursday afternoon so it can be ready to go Friday morning. My q...

Trogan by Day-tripper
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Dont see my listing

Hello all, i am new to outdoorsy and having trouble locating my listing. I have followed the steps here to share my listing but when I or someone clicks on the link it doesn't go to my listing ...

Chris by Day-tripper
  • 15 replies
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What do you do when a Guest requests seeing rig before rental?

I have had a number of requests from guests who want to look at my camper before booking. Does this happen to anyone else? It is important to provide great service. Does that necessarily include the time it takes to walk through a camper before renti...

jim_hofer by Day-tripper III
  • 1 replies
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Hosting in Utah

Looking for suggestions on what type of RV is listed the most in Utah. If you have multiple RV's listed on Outdoorsy, which ones are rented more frequently? Thank you!

Come see team Outdoorsy at the Denver Marathon!

Attention all Outdoorsy Owners in the Denver area! Team Outdoorsy will be attending the Denver Colfax Marathon this weekend May 13th & 14th. Come see us at our booth if you will be in attendance. We would love to see you!! Here's the link to the even...

Liability waivers for add-one like bikes and paddle boards

Liability for using add-in’s is not covered by Outdoorsy liability coverage. Does anyone have a template for a liability waiver Owners could use as one of their signature documents with their renters? See you out there —Camper Jim

jim_hofer by Day-tripper III
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Outdoorsy wants to rent your rig!

Hey Outdoorsy owners we need your help!! During the next few months our field marketing team will be at multiple events throughout the country. We need to rent a rig to showcase at our booth at many of these events. We would love to rent from our awe...

What is your most popular add-on for your Guests?

Questions about add-ons are a popular topic. This is more of a "what is working for you" than a "how-to" post. It would be helpful for me (hopefully others, too) to learn what works best for other Hosts. Here are two quick questions:As a Host, what a...

jim_hofer by Day-tripper III
  • 1 replies
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Loan Company

Hi everyone,I’m new to Outdoorsy and I want to list my RV for rent, but the company we have the RV loan with told me I am not allowed to rent it out. Does anybody know of a good loan company I can refinance with that will allow me to rent it out? I’m...

What's your experience with Festival rentals?

This topic was brought up during Winter. With the rental season upon us, it would be great to hear from others in the community about their experience serving guests headed to festivals. It certainly would be a help to me as a Host to hear what other...

jim_hofer by Day-tripper III
  • 0 replies
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RV Consignment Opportunity, TN,VA,NC,SC,GA

Hello All,I recently started a rental business called Rugged Mountain Rentals, LLC. We currently have one camper in our fleet that is a consignment, but we'd love to add more. If you or anyone you know would like to explore this idea please don't hes...

Resolved! pick up and drop off times

Hi all- do you put your pick up and drop off times in your listing, or deal with it per booking? I have a specific booking that I will be picking up my RV from the campsite (according to the website check out is 11 am) and then it rents the same day ...

5th Wheel Rental, are they common?

Got a new 5th Wheel Keystone Cougar. Planning to rent it out but I am curious, do they rent out regularly? I am worried most people go for Class A, C and travel trailer tow behinds due to not having a 5th wheel capable. I would rent out my truck with...

Damages to 5th wheels or theft.

I’m new to Outdoorsy, and haven’t rented out my 42’ toy hauler yet. I’m just curious how many of you have had issues with a unit as big as mine getting smashed up with renters driving it. During this pandemic it seems pretty hard to get parts or get ...

I'm new here.

Hi, To whoever is out there. I'm new to this site. Just listed. Is this site helpful as they say and I have read?

taoway12 by Day-tripper
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! dumping questions

1. how do we search for places renters can dump (we have a booking that is at someones home to use as extra bedrooms coming up) I think we will probaby end up dumping/cleaning this booking- I would like to set that up sooner rather then later.2. how ...

Wife dead-set against this

How best to convince her this will work? She's absolutely against the whole idea of renting out our brand new RV. Any good success stories? We cleaned condos and rental houses for years, so she's convinced this will be the same result - people who do...

Resolved! un-verified driver

How long after booking, or how soon until departure should I wait until I reach out to someone about getting verified? I know the booking says I don't have to do anything, but I would like to gently reming them to get verified, so the insurance cover...

Resolved! booking after convo

Is there a way to send someone a booking- like the instamatch- but after someone has asked questions through chat?

Renting an RV around Los Cabos, Baja California

I'm considering renting out my Class C Motorhome down here in Baja. I live here full time and was wondering if anyone has done it and if there would be any interest in renting it out. Ideally I´d like to meet guests at the airport and hand them the k...


I CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to add oh tires! Help! I have original pictures but wanted to add some more how do I add? I see how to edit he ones I have but no add options

How do proceed with a dump fee.

My renter wants to pay me for the dump fee of a $100 dollars. I listed it as they would be charge for not dumping not if I dumped it. I don't mind dumping it or collecting the $100 fee. My question is how do I collect the money from the renter after ...

Handicap assessable Class A's

Hello, new to Outdoorsy. I'm disabled but can drive normally, just can do stairs. I've been looking for someone that has a class A with Stair lift or handicap wheel chair lift? I was wondering if there are many here to rent and if you owners see a ma...

Tax's in Canada

Howdy another newbie here, quick question I see a drop down bar to charge taxes, I just confirmed my first rental and did not charge any. Not sure if I should I do not have an HST # as well will I receive a T-4 from Outdoorsy. any help would be much ...

Don by Day-tripper
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Price Confusion

Hell, I am pretty new to Outdoorsy but have had a problem come up twice in the last week and have lost a rental both times because of it. I have had people wanting to reserve my TT. We make contact, chat a bit, ask questions and feel comfortable. The...

kim_paar by Day-tripper II
  • 3 replies
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