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CUA Permit for National Parks


Attempting to obtain a CUA permit to rent inside of our National Parks...having issues finding an insurance company that will write the coverage required by the Park. Can anyone give me insight on any insurance company's that are capable and willing to work out a liability coverage required policy?  And sorry if this is in the wrong location header I'm a first time user! Thanks! 



Did you ever get any answers? I was just told by the Ranger that it was against the law! He let my renter in and stay but boy do they have my name and number! I had no ideal and been doing it for a year!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@stonecove From my understanding, you would need a General Commercial Liability policy. It’s a commercial policy.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations of who writes those types of policies. You might be able to find a local agent in your area that writes it.