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Keeping track of tire inspections

Hi folks,We are new to outdoorsy, and are trying to get our rig ready for rental. I know we are supposed to have our tires inspected every 90 Days as a part of the protection policy , but my question is what is the best way to keep it documented so t...

Resolved! Affirm

has anyone had a customer use affirm? i recently had a renter who wanted to use that service but was unable to book with the payment plan even after they were approved.

Hosts who manage consignments

I'd love to chat with someone who manages consigned RVs. We are based just outside Philly and currently manage 4 RVs and want to add to our managed fleet. How do you reach new owners? What's your pitch like?I understand if you'd like to chat offline,...

Resolved! Mobile / support

Maybe it’s just me? I’m having issues reaching support and i can’t pull up wheelbase on my phone. I’ve been trying to reach them for a couple days now and nothing.

Sync to Google Calendar

DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO SYNC YOUR RESERVATIONS TO ANOTHER CALENDAR?! For the last year I've manually added my reservations to my calendar so my husband and I can coordinate delivery reservations. Today I decided no more - I'm going to make my life ...


how are you getting undercarriage pics? 

CUA Permit for National Parks

Attempting to obtain a CUA permit to rent inside of our National Parks...having issues finding an insurance company that will write the coverage required by the Park. Can anyone give me insight on any insurance company's that are capable and willing ...


How and what are you folks charging for milage? I have a trailer, how are you tracking milage traveled? What are your rates? Do you charge differently if you deliver vs. them picking up and bringing back? I don’t want to be too low or too high.Thanks...

Meorgan by Day-tripper
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Wheelbase Webinars

Did you know that we have a webinar for Wheelbase owners every month?If you didn't, and you want to binge our previous webinars or keep up from now on, you can find them all with the link below.Wheelbase Webinar Recordings

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Kameron by Community Manager
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Insurance Driver Verification

Hi y'all! We're a mid size company that rents our vans out. Lately we've been having more than a few renters having issues with getting their driver verification approved. It ranges from them not receiving the emails to verify their details, checking...

Buy Consignment or Sell

Most individuals on average keep their RV a total of 5 years before selling. Utilization rates have decreased and more and more people rather rent. Fleet management is a great way to rethink renting your rig. Ask yourself this with these three option...

Consignment Owners Adding Their Bank Accounts

Hi Everyone, We have new consignment owners in two new rental locations. We are trying to have them link their bank accounts to each location in Wheelbase but they have received an error message with every try. Their role is set to "Wheelbase Admin" ...