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What am I doing wrong?

Hello,I have my camper listed on two different sites. Oudoorsy and another... On the other site, I'm getting tons of rentals, but on Outdoorsey I'm getting nothing. Both ads are identical. In fact, the only request I've received on Outdoorsy was for ...


Question. Do you all require renters to use your propane tanks? Or do you allow them to use their own?

Wanted owner feedback

Hello! We are strongly considering renting our RV on this platform, however would like some feedback from owners already renting. How often do you get booked up? Is it pretty steady clientele?Thanks! Any feedback is welcomed! Thanks again, Sean and R...

Renter's Manual

I'm trying to create a manual for our renters and I found that Outdoorsy has one linked within a blog post but it is password protected. I have requested the password but have not heard anything. Does anyone have an example you wouldn't mind sharing ...

RV Trackers

For those of you tracking your RV while rented (and in case of theft, etc.), who are you using and how is that working out for you? Up until now, all of our rentals to date have been local - none more than 4-5 days, so we've not really had much conce...

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