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vehicle verification


I am looking to list, but was hoping someone could clarify the "vehicle verification" process that is supposed to happen before each rental. The website states: "As a Lister on Outdoorsy, you agree to have your tires inspected before each reservation." Who can inspect the tires? Can it be the owner, like with the 90 day inspections?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @woodjason1984, here's a link to our Help Center article that goes over what an inspection entails and a link to the 90 day inspection document.

As an owner, we suggest you inspect your rig after every rental. We also require a more technical inspection every 90 days. Owners can complete the inspections by following the process below and taking photos to document the process, or they can have a professional mechanic complete the assessment. Below are the key elements of a thorough 90-day inspection in order to rent on Outdoorsy and remain properly insured.