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Day-tripper II
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Having to print out contracts and paperwork for every single rental is just a waste of paper. I have a DocHub account from other companies I run, and I want to be able to send my renters the papers to sign electronically so they can do everything via their phone/email. But the Outdoorsy chat won't surface their email address for me to send there any way that can happen?

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Hi there! I will make sure the feedback gets to the correct person, but we do not currently have any plans to reinstate renter email addresses at the current time. 

Day-tripper II

we need this bad. as well as the android app made more functional. with photos and everything. digital signatures with photos ect


Day-tripper II

we dont need an email specifically we need the app to have all this intergrated. 

Day-tripper II

Would be great if OD did this internally. We’ve added their PDF forms to another ensign platform because it’s so much easier!

Day-tripper III

This is a real problem, because we have (and EVERYONE should have...) a Supplemental Rental Agreement that we send to every renter via DocuSign.  It requires initials and some fill-in-the-blank, so it's not sufficient to just include with the canned OD process.  We get clever and end up having to "work the system" to get the Renter's email address so we can send the docs.  To me, this is an overzealous effort to prevent owners from having any kind of communication with the Renter outside of the platform chat, but the way it's being implemented is just impractical.  Hate to bring up the comparison, but ***** is not nearly so Orwellian.  Please allow your owners to have some flexibility here.  Sure, you'll get a few bad players who will abuse the system, but I can't imagine that's a big number.  Instead, you strangle the vast majority of the owners and make it difficult to do business.  Just my two cents!  I'm on Wheelbase, so this isn't even an issue for me now, but it was when I was a standard OD user - I'm speaking up for all of them!

Weekend warrior II

I know this post is a bit old, but I agree there are still improvements to be made:

  1. Allowing owners to upload their own contract for renters to view/agree to when booking, integrated in to the Outdoorsy process, rather than requiring us to get it to them through some outside means.
  2. Allow all content on the departure/return forms to be collected and signed digitally if desired. I know that this is partially working, but there are still details on the forms missing from the digital process (collecting mileage, generator hours, recording existing damages, dump fees, etc...)
  3. Bonus Points: The ability to collect and store photos/video/forms/data related to 90 day inspections so they are already available in the event of a damage claim. 

Has there been any traction of letting the APP perform digital signatures for our renters agreements and other such forms... The paper comes is such a waste for all involved and everything is going towards these types of platforms being self sufficient.



Having the ability to print out and complete a delivery on-line is a good idea. 

1. Recently I delivered and there was not service at the campground... How would other handle the handover in that case... In the future I will have the printed documents as well.  

2. Same setting the renters was 3 1/2 hours late at it took 1 1/2 to depart the location because of a Festival Event which the renters told me was not at the campgrounds.  How would you handle the extended time and gas expense without the mileage?  



All fine and good to use a paperless format provide service is available at the campsite location.