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Day-tripper II
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Simple, if a renter requests my rental, I would like to see their reviews just as they can see mine.


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I agree! We recently rented our trailer out to a family that claimed to have a lot of experience towing but they damaged our trailer hitting a gas station bollard.

As owner's we have to take them at their word since we have no way of verifying what their saying. Now, we have to deal with the claims and repair process which means we could miss out on rentals while it's in the shop.

I also think it would be of value to be able to hide certain details from the renter. For example, would you rent to this person again. That way you can show the renter some things, but not all. Not trying to be deceptive, but there have been times when I wanted to review the renter because I thought they were good people that I would rent to again, but would like to notify other owners of possible troubles.

We had a renter that worked in the RV industry, so when we were doing the walk through, they would talk over us. We got the sense that they thought they knew it all. Then when they returned our trailer they posted erroneously in our review that our AC/heating system wasn't working and that we had a safety hazard. Upon contacting the manufacturer, we found out that the system functioned as it should and there were no issues or hazards. In this instance, I would consider renting to them again because they returned the trailer without any issues, etc., but that might be something other owner's wouldn't want to deal with.

Just my 2 cents!

Day-tripper II

I wonder what the reasoning is in limiting our access to reviews? I have heard you can see renter reviews on VRBO as an owner. 


My partner is a SuperHost on Airbnb. That platform allows us to see the profiles and reviews of the person requesting a booking. I am surprised that OD doesn't allow this.

Day-tripper II

Agreed! It’s kind of silly that we can write a review about a renter but then that review is never seen by anyone. 

Day-tripper II



i agree!!!