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Weekend warrior
Status: Delivered

This is not the first time I've mentioned this, but if Outdoorsy wants more visibility, wouldn't it just be cool if we had "Like This? Rent It at" decals to put on your camper.


I created a QR code and printed failry large and placed on camper.  No words.  People are curious so the look it up.

Day-tripper II

@Dave-n-Kitty  I loved this conversation. It is such a great idea. I just made my own QR Code and made it into a vehicle magnet to put on the camper. I plan on putting it on the front since we mostly back it in so people walking by at the campsites can see it. But since it's a magnet I can always reposition it as needed. Best of all it will be here before my first Renter. What's great is now I can use it as mailers, on social media, or whatever else I can think of. The possibilities! I have so much more fun things in store for my renters. Thanks guys!

QR Code to rent.png 


Great idea!

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone! We have some exciting news! 
We’re working on an easy-to-use solution for this, but in the meantime, we will now have Outdoorsy Canva design templates you can use to create customized QR code magnets or decals.  As well we have a limited quantity of FREE generic “Rent Me On Outdoorsy” decals. 

You can find all the details in this article here: Now available - Rent me on Outdoorsy decals and magnets


What would be amazing is the ability for a renter to search a key word like the name of your van.  So if you have a sticker on the van and could bot scan a qr could say "search (name of your van/key word) at outdoorsy.