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Weekend warrior II
Status: Investigating

There should be a way or a process for OD to verify that people are still renting.  I have heard from many renters and OD owners that they have to send 10+ messages before someone gets a response.  By verifying if a listing is still active that helps OD by allowing renters to get in contact with someone that is renting right away - many may not take the time to message a dozen people.  Something like if you haven’t logged in for X amount of time or have X amount of messages that you haven’t responded to, or haven’t had a booking in X time.  Many times the listings that I see that aren’t really active are the lower priced ones so by eliminating these it also helps with unrealistic expectations by the renter. 

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Hey @VagabondKarenWe know how frustrating unresponsive owners can be! It should not take 10 messages for a renter to hear back if a rig is available or not. With that being said, we have started actively collecting and responding to unresponsive owners. We are hopeful that this will help cut down on the amount of time it takes for a renter to find an available rig. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and I promise we are on it 🙂

Status changed to: Investigating
Community Manager
Community Manager

I'd like to see Outdoorsey go even further and monitor response times so that they could

a) de-list owners who do not respond within a specified time, and

b) send an automatic responds to renters who have not heard back within a specified time to apologize for the owner not being available and suggesting the renter try to rent a different RV

Day-tripper II

Yep. I think on Airbnb there’s something that says “this owner was last active 4 weeks ago” or similar. Great idea. 


This is definitely becoming more important, as I hear from renters in Southern California that it’s been harder to find available bookings and responsive owners. There are over 400 vans for rent in my area, and there are definitely inactive listings. I’d like to see this escalated and resolved because it puts a bad taste in renters mouths when using Outdoorsy, and I love this platform and want to see it grow even more. I love the idea of having a “last active” notification on our listings, if nothing else.