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Day-tripper III
Status: New

Has anyone came up with any ideas or ways to attach documents for guests to review prior to departure? Having an attachment link would be amazing. 

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Hey there! We prevent certain links from being sent to renters because it encourages off platform activities. With that being said, things like YouTube and Touch Stay links are white listed (meaning they can be sent over) to help with this.  🙂 

Day-tripper III

I would be interested in a document upload link option. I’m not sure how to better describe it but a tool for us owners to attach a sra, or like my Manuel I give, packing list and so much more. That way it does keep more things on forum for owner protection

Day-tripper II

Outdoorsy not giving us the ability to send a link does exactly what they say they are trying to prevent, off site communication. I use the renters email address to  send out a copy of the contract, an instructional video on driving, and a final check off packing list which helps us get the Motorhome ready with the equipment and supplies the renter is requesting. I am thinking of expanding this to collect the signatures needed so at check out all I will have is final inspection sheet. Renters today are accustomed to doing transactions online and Outdoorsy should give us this option. 

Day-tripper III

I agree and do the same thing. But I hate it being off forum. Some of my files are bigger and so it makes things way easier keeping them in the messages like other forums do