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Hi Outdoorsy Owners-

My name is Steve and I wanted to throw this idea out to you all.  First off, I noticed on a recent outdoorsy email I received that there is (now) a delivery and pick up option that exists.  I presume there must be "a need" from the client base for this for any number of reasons.  Appears this is specific to each owner (as I am being informed) as to how to handle and manage the logistics of this option.  I am currently looking for an opportunity to create/provide a (business) service of this type and would welcome starting a conversation.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you think this would be a viable option.





Longmont, Co.

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Day-tripper II

We have been in the rental business form many years and have offered delivery and set up but never found ti to be a draw. Today we do not offer it, we do offer free parking for our renters when they pick up  the motorhome, which is very popular.