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Day-tripper II
Status: New

Just an idea.... Hoping for your thoughts and input.... 

As an RV owner who rents to people you don't really know, wouldn't it be good to have a nice professional "Dealership" type property you can tell your clients to meet you? Even better, what if you had access to everything a big rental dealer has but you didn't have the worries of a dealership? What if this building and lot was fully equipped with many amenities and also makes it so you are not meeting a stranger by your self in a lonely parking lot, at your house or at their house? What if this place had technicians where you could have your maintenance and repairs done so you didn't need to "find" somebody on your own to fix your RV?

What if you could do the following:

  • Rent a spot in a secured RV service center where mostly individual RV Owners can do their rentals.
  • Have access to:
    • Storing your RVs
    • An office to talk to clients, print forms, make copies ......
    • Be able to do your pickups and drop offs yourself 
    • Service, if needed, by knowledgeable technicians
    • Dumping
    • Wash bays - Self
    • Professional Detailing - Interior/Exterior - Available Service
    • Propane
    • Rent kitchenware, bedding, bath towels.....

Would anybody think this is a great business to open? Do you have thoughts about this? Would you be interested in putting your RVs there?



I have actually done that .... sort of like how you described.   It was game-changing.   Good idea!


Great idea but,  this would defeat the purpose of renting on line and not from a dealer feeling, ya know.

Weekend warrior

Mighway from New Zealand had this concept. They’re  still in business in NZ and Thor bought them out in the US. They tried to break into the US market a few years ago. Starting out in CA with the exact same concept that you proposed. Setting up pick up and drop off locations. Nobody bought into it and I’m not sure what Thor is doing with Mighway now. 

Day-tripper II

We are in talks to make this concept a reality starting in San Diego, CA.  Keep tabs pm progress by following us on fb and the web:

Day-tripper II

Love this idea!!!