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I want to give people who have been displaced a vacation. In response to hurricanes Ian and Nichole, I want to rent out my RV at a discounted rate (non-profit) to provide a vacation to those who have been displaced, while searching for a new home. I want to only charge enough to maintain the RV when repairs are needed so they have ideal living conditions while being displaced. 

My plan is to rent from an office location in FL and have drop off/pick up locations agreed on by me and the renter(s).  This would make it easier for renters who are displaced and I get to go on adventures picking them up and dropping them off.

I have a guaranteed lease/long term rental from someone in need and wants to rent it for an extended period while displaced. Would love some help ASAP. 

also I already have a meeting with on Nov 21 at 10am with Diego Martinez. Is it too late to fill him in on this?