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Zenbusiness LLC formation services

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey everyone, for a limited time, our friends at ZenBusiness are offering Outdoorsy owners discounts on their LLC formation services. Click here to learn how you can save on some of their most popular plans, including their Pro plan that includes an EIN to open a bank account at 35% off their normal pricing. Please check the full terms and conditions on the ZenBusiness website to learn more.

Still unsure of what an LLC is? Be sure to read our blog post here to learn more about the different business structures and when an LLC may be beneficial for you. 




Day-tripper II

I would be interested in getting some insight into lending on business-owned RVs, if y'all have an contacts in that space.  That's been the bigger issue for us. No problem if you're holding the RV in your personal name, but we want to own ours in the name of the business for asset protection purposes.  But that's made lending a challenge.  Any ideas out there?