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Yellowstone Park Closed - Cancelations?


Hi Folks,

Considering the tragic floods in Yellowstone this week, I'm sure many local businesses will be affected. Our primary RV rental destination is Yellowstone so we expect a financial hit this summer which will be difficult. Do any of you have experience or personal policies handling cancelation requests due to these types of 'acts of god' that may affect a renter's experience? It looks possible that only park of the park will be closed long-term.




Weekend warrior

I would reach out to your renters that were planning on going to Yellowstone.  The River hasn’t created yet and that damage is devastating- as I’m sure you are aware.  I would see what their plans are and I would encourage alternate plans if possible.  As for refunds - I would approach it on a case by case basis.  It may be that sooner rentals  may not have the ability to find alternate plans - this is why trip insurance is always advised.  If you have renters that decline to find alternate plans, I would maybe be hard pressed to issue any refunds.  There os also an option to give the renter a credit for a future rental as well.  

Thank you! Good point, this is exactly what trip insurance would be for. Where this booking is days away, I'll help them shift dates, or change destinations. Otherwise I think I will have to charge the cancelation fee if they opted out of trip insurance.