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Winter Renting Demand


Hello Everyone,

Im in the process of doing some reaching for renting out my rig during the winter. Before I invest money into my rig to enable my unit to do so. I just wanted to see how the market is for renting during the winter, and if its worth the cost vs demand, and if it makes sense.

Is there alot of demand for winter renting? 

Im from Calgary, Alberta

Thanks in advance!



Weekend warrior II

I am in iowa and this will be my 5th winter renting.  I can count on one hand how many rentals I have gotten after we have had to winterize.  Usually once I explain what winterizing means - no fresh water, no shower etc - they are not interested.  I have only rented once between november and March in 4 years. 

Great thank you for the response. Probably not worth it for me, to much risk vs profit. thanks!

Day-tripper III

I send mine down south (Phoenix) for the winter.

Thanks for the response Dherteux

is there a place you use or a personal place? I wanted to send my RV somewhere warm to keep renting through the winter months, but I need a property manager and a place t have it when not renting it. not sure where to start.

Were you able to find any solutions to sending your rig down south?

no. I kind of gave up. I had it winterized and the very next day someone asked to rent it. Luckily, it was just as an extra bedroom at "grandma's house" for Thanksgiving. But, I don't know any companies that would take it on and take care of it so I just had to take it there and pick it up in the spring.


I use a rental company in Phonix.  There are multiple companies out there that will take your rig on consignment.

what does "on consignment" mean? I mean, in the store, it means they sell it for me and keep a percentage. I don't want to sell it. I want to rent it out from December to March. I just can't fly down or drive down or out to keep track of it in between every rental, (if i get one.). I thought I had to have something similar to a property management company. But i would still have to deliver and pick up. What company do you use? 

On consignment in this case means another company rents it for you and takes 50-60%.  I leave mine in Phoenix from Septermbish to the end of April.  The way I look at it is that 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

I agree as long as 50% is at least paying for it being there. what is the name of the company if you dont mind? I would like to research this more. so far, no positives. doesnt mean there arent sany, i just have to weed through