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Wife dead-set against this

Day-tripper II

How best to convince her this will work? She's absolutely against the whole idea of renting out our brand new RV. Any good success stories? We cleaned condos and rental houses for years, so she's convinced this will be the same result - people who don't care and don't take care of our stuff.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @don_hancock and welcome to the Outdoorsy owner community! We have so many successful owners and stories that we could share with you. I'll start by recommending our owner stories of the week where you can read about real people who've gone from just starting out to renting out multiple RVs. All I can say is sure there will be some wear and tear on your RV and that's to be expected, however, giving renters great preparation talks/documentation and a good comprehensive walkthrough at key exchange make a big difference. At the same time if something does happen that's why owners set a deposit amount for incidentals and there's insurance in place. Be sure to download and read over our Outdoorsy owner handbook for best practices and tips as well.
Hope this all helps!


Hey, Krystalcassle! I didn't want to rent out my "baby" either! We started renting our RV out in February. Now, I've met some great people who have taken great care of our RV and are ready to purchase their own because they like mine. We've been able to help families visit near relatives and others stay at some great venues. I anticipate something getting broken at some point, but the insurance covers that as long as we go through the process correctly. My $0.02: try it out! You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Day-tripper III

For myself, I had to approach renting as a business and expected to make some gains, experience some losses and hoped to come out winning.  I can honestly say that the business has met all of my expectations.  

Outdoorsy offers three different levels of comprehensive and liability insurance riders to cover rentals between send off and return.  Having a damage deposit helps as well. Outdoorsy offers a lot of support for Owners and Renters alike.

Answers to the question, "what are the pros and cons of renting our camper?" are as diverse as the individuals who have considered becoming hosts themselves.  Renting an RV is a business.  Just last season, I had the camper stairs down, the doors closed and was lowering the front of the camper.  That resulted in nice dent being put in the door,  that I see every time I walk by.  I also had a renter that damaged some of the interior.  This was a really nice person.  We worked through it.  He paid and I went to work on a repair.  That's life and none of us are perfect!  I wish you the best as you consider your options and will leave you with this...

If I think I can, I am right.  If I think I cannot, I am equally as right as to when I think I can.  --Camper Jim

Your tagline is VERY similar to quote attributed to Henry Ford: "whether you think you can or you can't - you're right."

Thanks for the comment. After my wife called Outdoorsy's support she feels "better." Still terrified, but at least she's agreed to quit fighting me. I did have to purchase a GPS tracker for it, though. I have 1 renter already lined for at least 10 days so we'll see how it goes. Given I've already totally rebuilt one camper and in the process of rebuilding another, I'm not scared of repairs, but the wife is convinced she wants to sell the house and live in our brand new RV (NOT gonna happen!), so any damage will most likely eliminate the minute amount of support I have now.

Weekend warrior

You'll need to remove all emotional attachment to any RV to be successful in this business.