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When something breaks


What do I do if something breaks or isn't working after a rental, but I have another rental coming up really quick?  For example, my fridge is not working correctly, but my next rental is two days away. Do I cancel or just inform renters and then let them make the decision? I am super stressed with this being all new to me. 


Weekend warrior

Depends on what broke. If it was anything structural or something that would affect the safety of your RV, then yes, you would have to cancel future bookings until the repair was taken care of. For things that are more of an inconvenience, I will generally reach out to the next renters and let them know the situation, then give them the option of keeping their reservation (with a discount for the inconvenience), or cancelling, and let them decide what to do.

We've all been there as owners, trust me. The last minute scramble to try and get something repaired in the two day gap between rentals is something I deal with more often than I would like. A few things I've found that help:

  1. Ask all your renters to send you a message right away if something breaks, even if their trip isn't over yet. This is something I cover during the walkthrough when I drop off our RV with them, and it can give you a few extra days to order parts or coordinate a repair with a shop before your RV gets back.
  2. Increase your gap between bookings. If you keep 3-4 days between every booking it can give you extra time to handle the unexpected. Yes, it cuts into your potential profits by taking rental days away, but I found that 3 or so days is a good balance to not get too stressed out.
  3. Learn to do minor repairs yourself. RV repair centers take forever (especially during peak seasons), and many things that fail are simple enough to tackle on your own. Google, youtube, and the service manuals for your different appliances can all be super helpful. Find an RV parts distributer near you as well, this can help if you don't have time to wait for parts to be shipped to you.

Day-tripper II

I do my own repairs most of the time. The first time my refrigerator stopped I called a mobile repairman to fix it. I watched him do it and realized how simple the gas/electric refrigerators are. Buy 2 of the heating elements so you can replace it yourself next time. Also, there is usually a glass fuse under the plastic cap on the back. I've had to replace that also.