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When An RV Park Has Preferred Delivery Companies and Outdoorsy Isn't One of Them

Weekend warrior

About three weeks ago, I attended an owner's webinar (so super helpful, btw) and our situation stumped the Outdoorsy team! I'm posting this, as promised, to tell anyone who gets caught in the same situation, what we did to get around it. 

We have a popular destination in our area that we had two out of our original four rentals being delivered to. I called them ahead of time to ask what their preferred method of delivery is (I keep every campground's preferences in a Drive folder). I got a very curt (rude) response of, "We don't allow outside delivery companies. There's only one in our area that we allow deliveries from!"

I said, "So you're saying that you allow ONE company who has five or six rigs to deliver and them only?!"


I was stumped. First of all, it seemed like this is counterproductive to the parks (remember though, this park is a hot seller, so they don't care. They'll get the business either way.) Second of all, that seems like a terrible thing to do to the renters! That company knows it has all the bookings for the most popular park in the area and they can charge a FORTUNE if they so choose!

Here was another problem: This park only allows for two vehicles. The trailer counts as one. So you have to be VERY careful to make sure they do not count your truck (we have a travel trailer) as the other vehicle, otherwise, you're messing things up for your renter.

So my renter and I came up with this plan: We're her friends, staying with her (we had her name and site number ready), we told the ranger that we're local (we are, so that wasn't a lie) and that we'd drop the RV and head out, where she would pick us up at home, later.

Although she (the ranger) was suspicious, there was no proof that we were lying. When our renter got there, the ranger low-key read her the riot act and thankfully, she remembered all of the details, so we were good to go. 

Now our next hurdle is if that same ranger (who loved our RV so it's in her mind now) is there when we go in a couple of weeks to deliver the next one, she may call us out on it and they have the last say. So we've come up with yet another plan-- my husband (who is very recognizable) will wear a hat and sunglasses and I'll hide in the backseat! lol 

It's so crazy to me that we have to go to these lengths, but there we have it! I hope this helps someone else (actually, I hope it doesn't-- meaning hopefully no one else will have to go through that). 

PS~ We happened to drive in right after the "preferred company" drove their rig in and OMG! The rig was quite old (early-to-mid 90's) and as we found out from our renter (one of her friends in their group was the one who rented from them because she thought she HAD to) that it was swarming with ants and the delivery guy thought it was funny!! They were stuck with an ant-infested RV for five days and four nights! Unbelievable!! 

Okay, rant over. lol




Day-tripper III

This has been a concern to me.  As a long time renter I knew this can be the case for various campgrounds.  I haven't had any trouble yet, but I also haven't attempted to do this to the same place multiple times in a row.  When I deliver, I tell the ranger the name of the renter.  They usually give me all the campground paperwork, sticker for the camper, camp map, etc.  I tell them that there will be another vehicle coming to check in behind me.  Then the renter will come in later and get their parking sticker and it's all good.  Also, I have taken advantage of deliveries by booking my own stay at those campgrounds after the renters check out.  Which was the only time I have been outed as rental.  

It's so crazy to me that we have to act like we're undercover or something and also be low-key afraid of being outed! Most campgrounds have told me they love delivery services of all kinds because they wouldn't have renters, otherwise. It seems so silly to me to limit your customers to one or two companies that can (obviously) take advantage of the renter. Ugh!

Day-tripper III

Agreed.  I would love to know the reasoning.