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What to have for renters


What items is a must I should have for renters just getting started 


Weekend warrior

We rent our personal RV, so we already had everything in it: bedding, towels, dishware, silverware, cookware, seasonings, you name it-- if we use it when we camp, our renters have it (less food and personal necessities, of course). We don't like nickel and diming our renters (I'm not knocking those who do so, they often charge less than we do, so it's totally fair and comes out pretty equally in the end).

If you're starting out bare-boned, the way I think about it is this way: What would YOU need to make your own, personal stay, worth whatever you're charging? For example, we have a master suite and two full-sized bunk beds. We make the beds with bedding that we provide because if *I* were renting our unit, I would expect to have a fabulous glamping experience. Making the beds wouldn't be part of that (although, some renters, because of covid prefer to bring their own bedding). Also, making our top bunk is the devil. It would equal more negative reviews than saving the personal-time and energy to just make it ourselves.

The bottom line is this: Do you want to provide a glamping experience (that's our jam) or do you want to provide a basic service where add-ons (such as a linen package, a cookware package, a utensils package, etc) is your thing? Once you've decided what level of service you want to provide, you can go from there. 

Look at the local competition. Feel it out from there. If you want to go basic but have someone providing a glamping-style experience yet they cost the same as you do-- it's time to reconsider either your price or your strategy. 

I know this probably wasn't exactly the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it gives you a general starting-off point. And there are lots of other owners out there who probably have way different takes on this same question. 

Either way, best of luck and happy renting!! 


We provide everything as well. We use our RV in the off season so we know what to keep in there for our renters. You don't want a list of what to bring and not to bring. We don't like to "nickel and dime" so, firewood, BBQ, crab net and pot, corn hole game, even patio furniture goes along for the ride