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What to do when a renter violates rules and takes RV to a music festival


Hello all, 

I am looking for advice on how to handle this situation. We have clearly stated in our listing the rules of our RV, one of them being no festivals/tailgating. We have a GPS tracking device, which has shown us that the renter took our RV to a local festival and stayed there for multiple days. We are obviously concerned about damage and extra cleaning. They knew the rules, signed the docs, and plainly lied about where they were planning on taking the RV.

How should this be handled? Should I confront the renter at pickup, or wait and file a claim after? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @ajcast5201 sorry to hear that you're in this situation. Ultimately it's up to you as the owner on how you want to handle things. If you have certain rules set like "no festivals" then definitely stick to your guns and follow through with what you think is fair or outlined in your listing when it comes to fees once you have the rig back and can inspect it further. If an owner has set their listing with the "no festival" terms and they're broken by the renter, that person is fully responsible for any penalty set, and all repairs, cleaning and additional charges that may apply. Outdoorsy will pursue the renter for these charges on behalf of the owner if necessary.

Day-tripper III

We had our first event this last week with 3 units and they came back perfect, even better then some of the trips to the national parks. Always make sure you have yourself covered in your SRA, and your listing is very clear. I think the fears came from listening to the limited few that had unfortunate experiences at one. Remember not all guests are the same, and run your unit like a business for sure which it sounds like you are. But if the unit was good when it came back I would take the great review and give one back to the guest along with just saying a amen. I was so grateful to how all the units came back I already booked them all for next years events. 

Day-tripper II

I agree with all things said, but I would make sure that you had in the fine print somewhere that there was a tracking device on the unit. Just to cover yourself from a legal aspect. Also the creep/parenting factor. Imagine if your daughter rented an RV for a weekend in the woods alone without the knowledge that someone has her location. Just saying….