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What's your experience with Festival rentals?

Weekend warrior

This topic was brought up during Winter.  With the rental season upon us, it would be great to hear from others in the community about their experience serving guests headed to festivals.  It certainly would be a help to me as a Host to hear what others do!  Learning from others' experiences is so valuable.  It'd be great to hear how it went and what steps you might have taken that were specific to a festival rental.

I have experience with renting campers for two festivals in my first year.  Businesswise, both were profitable.  Equally, both resulted in the need for replacement or repairs of the camper.  My campers are part of a business.  I set my expectations accordingly.  I am not personally attached to them.  (Now my car, well, that's another story!)

The first music festival resulted in the rig coming back in need of a few repairs and a good cleaning.  The guest understood that the cost was covering both time and materials to replace a shade and a crack in the 1/8" plywood that serves as a base for the queen mattress.  I estimated the repairs based on what I would likely pay to have them done, parts and labor included.  That along with a cleaning fee was paid after the trip.

My second experience was at a summer country music festival held about an hour from my house.  The camper came back unscathed save for the fact that the 30-amp shore power cable had shorted in one spot and was melted.  I wonder what happened to cause that.  The fix was easy, $75 and a new cable covered by the deposit.  But, there is always that lingering thought, "what happened there?".

I am choosing to continue to rent to people headed to festivals, eyes wide open.  Higher rates and deposits are warranted.  In my experience, I have learned how easy to become distracted during a camper's return.  Doing a walk-through during a campers return, especially from festivals, is not the time for distractions.  

For me, returns are treated as if something is missing or damaged because it very well might be.  Granted, I love hearing the stories of the fun people have had and the acts that they got to see.  It's great!  However, it is my responsibility as the Host and owner of the camper to check it inside and out, front to back, including its contents before sending the guest on their way home.  I believe Outdoosys policy is that damage and loss must be reported within 48 hours of a return.  Outdoorsy's Team provides me with live support if I ever need assistance communicating with the Renter.

That's my story.  It would be fantastic to hear about other Hosts' experiences with festivals.  There must be quite a few.  After all, it's a big country out there!

This age-old truism applies to the topic.  So I'll leave you with this, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. 

See you out there! --Camper Jim