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What is your most popular add-on for your Guests?

Weekend warrior

Questions about add-ons are a popular topic.  This is more of a "what is working for you" than a "how-to" post.  It would be helpful for me (hopefully others, too) to learn what works best for other Hosts.  Here are two quick questions:

  • As a Host, what add-on has been your most profitable?
  • Which add-on is most popular with Guests?

See you out there --Camper Jim



Community Manager
Community Manager

I took a look around on the Outdoorsy side of things and here are some of the most common add-ons:

  • Misc fees (cleaning, dump, pets, prep, etc)
  • Propane
  • Generator
  • Bike rack
  • Camp chairs
  • Linens
  • Kitchen kit

Weekend warrior II

Our most popular by far is Linens (sheets, blankets, towels, rags, sleeping bags for the beds that don't really fit sheets). We get a decent amount of renters who fly in and don't want to pack that stuff from home.

We also offer a tow hitch mounted bike rack that we charge a flat fee for. That is probably our most profitable just because it doesn't require any work in between rentals!

Your rental doesn't include sheets and blankets for the beds? My van has one bed and it comes made with sheets and a blanket. Even a few extra blankets if it's cold. I would imagine these are basic amenities to be included - but am I reading this wrong? Are they upgraded sheets?

Weekend warrior II

@RadZach  nope, you are reading that correctly. Renters who are local to our area often like to use their own stuff anyways, and since they usually drive it back to their house after pickup to load everything, tossing in their own linens to use isn't that much more work.

I get it, some owners provision their rental more like a hotel or airbnb (with everything included for your stay), but optional linens is also common if you look at other examples. We do include pretty much everything else (outside camping gear, cookware, dishes, consumables, etc...) for all rentals. If we had a van with only one bed I would be more inclined to include bedding too, but we have 3 different sleeping areas in our class C, and washing a full set of linens between renters (towels, blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, pillowcases, washrags and such) is a ton of work. 

Ah, I see - that makes sense. Pretty easy with just the one bed for my little van