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What is business like in Columbia SC?


So I live in Virginia Beach and this year I was about at an average of $1500 a month from May to October. I had back to back rentals all summer. Like the day one renter returned, another renter took the RV later that day. It drastically slowed in the later fall and winter; I had to reduce my price. 

Well, I may be moving to Columbia, SC. Will I have as much luck and business there? I had great business in VB because VB is a touristy spot, but could I net the same in a not so touristy Columbia, SC? 



It's no secret that Columbia, SC is a city on the rise, and tourists from all over are traveling to see what the hype is all about. New unique restaurants + breweries, boutique hotels and attractions that are popping up all over town draw the masses , but that's not all that entices visitors to book a trip to the Real Southern Hotspot. In addition to checking out what's new + noteworthy, travelers are choosing Columbia to experience the city's institutions—businesses that have stood the test of time and stolen the hearts (and loyalty) of locals + visitors alike.

In recognition of National Travel and Tourism Week, we’ve rounded up a list of these authentic, been-around-forever hotspots. They are classic Columbia and can be credited for starting the fire in this Capital City.