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What if someone hurts themselves in your camper?


I had a random friend ask me, what if someone hurt themselves in your rental? Meaning the faucet started leaking and they slipped and hurt themselves? Or the pilot light caught the camper on fire and they got burned or worse. 

Are we subject to a lawsuit or are these types of accidents covered under the umbrella of outdoorsy insurance?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Mrmike110! I reached out to our claims team and they are looking into it further! Can you please reach out to them so that they can get back to you directly once they have an answer? Their email is

Please let us know when you have an answer!


Hey everyone! I did receive a response from our insurance team. Please remember that each case is different so it is hard to give a definitive answer. See their response below:

"Injury and owner liability claims are all very specific; coverage depends on causation and losses are reviewed against our liability policy in force at the time of loss. Depending on the size and severity, injuries typically involve legal parties and all vested insurers. Our involvement depends on the liability assigned to the owner through the investigation and owners are covered up to 1 million dollars for qualified losses. As liability is so specific to the loss, we do not advise on individual situations prior to loss due to the potential contributing factors. Any more specific questions can be sent to as outlined."


Day-tripper II

Hey Mrmike110. 
Did you get a reply yet?


Great question. Should be one of the very first considerations!



Very curious about this as well! Outdoorsy, will you please update us when you have an answer.