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What Does "Renter Withdrew" Mean?

Day-tripper III

We've rented our RV several times now and have quite a few coming up. In "bookings" I've seen things like "confirmed", "denied", "expired", "pending renter response", "returned", and "you declined", but I've never seen "Renter Withdrew" before. What does that mean?

It sounds like they were interested, then backed out, but all I got were a few back-and-forth emails regarding delivery and the terms of return of security deposit when our rig was returned in the same condition it was delivered. That seemed straightforward and friendly enough. Does this mean they found another RV or that they got spooked and ran for the hills? Thanks for any clarification! 



It means that they started a booking request that was pending and withdrew their request for the booking. I’m newer myself, but I’m 99% sure it would be a “cancellation” if the booking had been approved and then the renter cancelled. Essentially they cancelled before it was approved by you. Hope that helps!  

Day-tripper III

Thanks,, CamperLove! That's sort of what I was thinking but wanted to make sure I was assuming correctly. Thanks again1

Day-tripper III

I'm replying to my own post because as it turns out, the renter who withdrew is now a confirmed renter and we'll be delivering to her in a week or so!

So, I guess the moral of this story is that 'renter withdrew' is not a "never, will I ever..." renter situation! (I truly thought that it meant they had sacked us, but here we are!)

So, the moral of this story... I'm still not totally understanding what "Renter Withdrew" truly means. lol