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What do you do when a Guest requests seeing rig before rental?

Weekend warrior

I have had a number of requests from guests who want to look at my camper before booking.  Does this happen to anyone else?  It is important to provide great service.  Does that necessarily include the time it takes to walk through a camper before renting it?  I don't recall ever walking through a hotel room, Vrbo, or Airbnb before booking. 

Please share what your experience has been and what you do.  Thanks for your help!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @jim_hofer,

This is a great question, be sure to check out a previous conversation on this topic here: Viewing before rental.


I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. They booked their reservation prior to even speaking to me. Then started the conversation off with asking to come view my camper prior. After a few messages back and forth trying to aline our schedules, we were not able to come to an agreed day. Then she proceeded to tell me that her trip got cancelled. However, she still has not actually cancelled the booking. I am worried that this is some sort of scam. I quickly purchased a tracker, and will be adding tire locks as well. 

Hello Chloeban92--

I was curious, how did your rental turn out?  Did the Guest ultimately cancel their reservation?  Did you install a GPS tracker onto your rig?  That leads to another question, what tracker did you go with?  Thanks for sharing!  See you out there--Camper Jim

Hey Jim,

I also installed a tracker. I went with Vyncs. It updates in real time and gives speed and all kinds of other info.


I had the same request and showed it in advance.  No one rented. I think it is a waste of time.  I have rented Air b&B, private cars, and even a houseboat.  I never felt the urge to do a pre-inspection.  I think a serious person is not renting our unit but a vacation experience.  If they are not able to decide what they are looking for in a rental without an inspection they are not serious.  Do you inspect an airplane before you book a flight? 

Hey JD-Tucson--

I have visited with other Outdoorsy hosts.  One of them is a large operator in Southern California.  They voiced the same sentiment.  Individuals do not request to see the apartment/home/car, etc. they are borrowing throughout the Sharing Economy elsewhere.  My one experience with showing a camper before any obligation was established was not positive.  My bookings are sufficient evidence that I am running my business well.  Learning to set boundaries is just one of the unexpected benefits I've gained by sharing my camper with others.  Thanks for contributing your viewpoint!

See you out there--Camper Jim


I have had this happen to me several times on this site . I try not to meet up with anyone until the pickup or delivery date for safety reasons. However before I joined Outdoorsy I did meet up with a senior lady one time and I was accompanied by two friends just incase. It turned out great and she rented the trailer but I wouldn't do it again as its to nerve racking.