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What am I doing wrong?

Day-tripper II


I have my camper listed on two different sites. Oudoorsy and another... On the other site, I'm getting tons of rentals, but on Outdoorsey I'm getting nothing. Both ads are identical. In fact, the only request I've received on Outdoorsy was for a considerable lower price than my asking. Does any one turn on instant bookings for two sites? 

I have sent out quotes to numerous people, but I'm not getting a response. 

Thanks in advance. 


Day-tripper II

Wow with the continued non-response, I just had to stop and break the silence. As a new owner/lister here and RVezy I am curious to know the answer to this question as well. I was not aware of renters coming up with counter offers. O.P. maybe link to your ad so we cqn see what is going on. 

Good luck!

Day-tripper III

I’m new also and have had two enquires but other than that nothing. One booked then withdrew. I figured it was normal? 

Weekend warrior

It’s normal to get more hits on one website and not the others. 

A lot of it depends on where certain companies are running marketing campaigns. 

It’s also a good idea to setup social media pages for your business. Facebook Business Page is an example. And you can drive traffic from that page to your Outdoorsy listing. Instagram helps too. 

Day-tripper III

Have you had a listing coach at Outdoorsy review your listing? Maybe they can see if something on there needs some adjustment on the listing. Also some platforms are more dominant then others depending on where you live.  Best of luck!

Weekend warrior II

I think a lot of it depends on your area and advertising.  Two years ago most of my rentals came from OD.  Last 90% were a n a different platform.  This year it’s about 70% OD.  

Day-tripper II

Checked your ad. Beautiful camper, I suspect you will be fully booked in no time. 

As a recent renter turned owner, the only drawback from my side, if I were browsing listing, is I wanted one I could drive. But I suspect there are plenty of truck-owners where you live. Really clean, good-looking camper though, congrats. 👍

Weekend warrior

I generally have more rentals from RVS*are than Outdoorsy, but I also see more in-line ad traffic from the other site. I also have more repeat business on Outdoorsy and less from the other. The 2 sites are (in my opinion) like Uber and Lyft, with Outdoorsy being the quirky and smaller Lift to the other site's Uber.