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Weight Distribution Hitches/Electric Brake Controller


Hello Everyone,

I am new to this forum so hoping someone might have advise on how to handle rentals for a 2022 Rockwood Freedom Popup which requires an electric brake controller and is also recommended to have a weight distribution hitch. I purchased a portable electric brake controller that works on my smart phone as well as a weight distribution hitch for personal use but I am wondering about making those available for renters as it cost quite a bit for them and if they were to be damaged or the brake controller lost since it just attaches to the 7-pin light set up should I charge an extra deposit for those?



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Hey there! Other owners may chime in here, but typically if something is required to operate your vehicle (especially when safety is involved) owners will have these things included for their renters. You can always increase your security deposit just in case damage does happen to these. You can always but a part in your "Rules of the Road" stating that if these things are damaged the renter is on the hook to cover the replacement. 

Thanks so much this is really helpful!


So new to the tow game. I have a 25 ft Hideout and because of weight requires a trailer brake. I researched and found the CURT remote trailer break. ( CURT 51180 Echo Mobile Electric Trailer Brake Controller with Bluetooth-Enabled Smartphone Connection, Proportional, Black PLastic, 9 x 9 x 3 inches, BLACK PLASTIC It plugs into tow hitch outlet and you control it with an app on your phone. We did a big trip from Park City to Denver and it was great! Even with the crazy mountains near Vail. I am renting it with my unit and the anti sway tow hitch to make the process easier and open the option for those who don’t have trailer breaks installed on their vehicles but have the capacity to tow my trailer. 
Happy Camping 

Thanks so much! That's the brake controller I bought as well. I also thought it worked well. I saw in the instructions that it said it could pair to up to five phones. So that may mean we need to erase the rental phones from it as we go or when it gets up to five of them. I'm also hoping the strap that came with it is strong enough to keep it from falling off with some of the rough roads here in Ontario.  


Late response. I provided WDH and Break Switch for free!


Just checking back in regarding this. I did include them both with the rental for people who need it. So far it seems to be working fine. I was able to reset the portable brake controller when I used it myself so that aspect also seems to work well. However, I have noticed that the safety strap for the brake controller does not seem to have a latch to secure it so have had to kind of tie it on. Any suggestions for making it more secure would be great. It costs quite a bit to loose it driving down the road.