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water tank fill up


Hello! second time renting our camper out. Filled it up the first time. This time I'm questioning whether I should or not. Does everybody else who rents usually fill up their water tank? I know hauling can be affected because of the weight of a full water tank. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!


Weekend warrior II

I do not fill it up unless asked - I have travel trailers.  If they are heading to a campground with water, there usually is no reason to fill it.  I always have a bit of water in the tank though for an emergency toilet flush though!  I have filled up at home before delivering just to save time and inconvenience of stopping and filling when getting there.  i usually only fill a camper once or twice a year before sending it out.  


If you have a motorhome - that might be different and people could be using the facilities more so you may need to have water in there.  

You can always ask your renter prior to the rental and see if they need it filled! 

Day-tripper II

I would keep 20-25% in there. Ask the renter before filling it, though. At ~8 lbs a gallon, you can literally add hundreds of pounds to the RV with a big enough tank.

Weekend warrior II

This is one of the questions we have on a basic questionnaire that I copy and paste for each new booking that comes in. I go on a bit to explain that it does affect the driving a lot, and I recommend filling up once they are close to the destination instead to make the drive easier and improve mileage.

Day-tripper III

I rent my motorhome, so it depends on where they are going.  I usually put enough water to use the toilet and wash hands.  I will go 2/3rd  full for Boondockers if I'm notified beforehand.