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Wanted owner feedback


Hello! We are strongly considering renting our RV on this platform, however would like some feedback from owners already renting.  How often do you get booked up? Is it pretty steady clientele?

Thanks! Any feedback is welcomed!


Thanks again, 

Sean and Rita


Weekend warrior

A lot of it depends on where you are located. The best thing to do is to search the website as if you are a renter. See what is out there and check out their calendar. See if they have any bookings. 

Weekend warrior

We are living in a pretty major metro area, near several State Parks and there are lots of major events in town. We rent about as much as we want to - if we make the camper available, it is generally rented (in season). We do not use Craigslist, nor do we consider this our "business" as much as a side-hustle that basically pays the camper payments.

One thing that you have to consider is that many state parks are starting to crack down on RV rental deliveries. It’s ok if renters take them into the park themselves. But a lot of them are not allowing deliveries unless you have the proper vendor permits. 

Check into delivery requirements to your state and federal parks too. 

We have not seen issues with deliveries at state parks yet, but thank you for the heads-up. We have a 50 mile radius (my time valuable) and we don't deliver as much as we probably could.


Yes, really depends on location. I am located in Las Vegas and it is rented out enough to pay for itself. I recommend to look at a similar trailer/RV that you have and in the same location. Scroll down to the bottom and most will have reviews. Look at the dates on those reviews and how recent they were. If you find one and see it rented out at least once a month, then you shouldn't have any problems.