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Waive Insurance?

Day-tripper II

Hi all?  I'm new to the RV world, just purchased and picked mine up last week.  Just listed it yesterday.  I had a question about a month long rental that is requesting drop off and pick up (which I don't think I offered? but can do) and they ask if the insurance can be waived since they won't actually be driving or moving it....  (says the insurance is $1300 for the month) Is this something I should consider?  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @brandi_langevin! Welcome to the Outdoorsy Community and congrats on the new RV!
SO there are a few things worth considering here and I'm sure some of our other experienced owners will chime in. 

  1. I noticed you said you weren't sure that you'd set delivery as an option. Be sure you know what the settings in your account are and the rules you have in place. If not this could potentially cause you some troubles down the road. You can give our support team a call and they'll gladly walk you through your account setup and listing rules: (877) 723-7232.
  2. I and I'm sure other owners would strongly suggest against not ever waiving insurance. Sure the rig won't be getting moved but there are many other potential issues that could occur and it's best to just have that protection in place.
  3. This isn't so much a hard-set rule as it is a suggestion. When speaking to newer owners we always recommend taking their rig out for a few nights and creating a binder or guidebook for the RV. This will help you and your renters any time there's a question or something that needs to be addressed. Every rig has it's quirks and kinks that are worth being aware of.
  4. Here's an article that might provide some insight in to drop off and pick up: What is the standard practice regarding drop off and pick up?

Hopefully, this was helpful and I wish you luck on your first rental!

Thanks- I figured it all out!