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Videos for renter training

Day-tripper II

Has anyone used videos for training renter son the use of the RV, it's appliances etc? I have my own website and I am planning to make some training video for renters. I found I was allowed to post my website in some areas outside of the actual descriptions so that I can point people to my website.  I plan to post the video on my site since Outdoorsy has no place for them. Anyone have any experience with this?


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Hey there! We highly recommend how-to videos for your renters. It's super helpful to prepare them before a rental, so great job. Since most links are not allowed to be sent through the app we recommend Touch Stay Guide books. You can check out more info about them here. These links are "white listed" so you are able to send them to your renters. They are even able to access them when wifi isn't available. Also, once a booking is confirmed you should be able to see the renter's email address on the rental receipt. Go to your Outdoorsy Dashboard, click on "bookings", click the booking you are interested in, scroll all the way to the bottom, click "booking receipt, insurance card, and membership details". Hope this helps! 

Day-tripper III

I do share video links to rig orientation, camp set-up, and Dump Station Guide.  I have struggled trying to share these links at times because they would be removed from my emails inconsistently.  It's great that you have your own website and videos!

Day-tripper II

This has actually become very interesting because I understand from the reply above yours, that they have a whitelist for links that they approve.  For example, they allow links to the pay-site that hosts videos called Touch Stay.  I have applied via support to have my website whitelisted but have yet to hear back after a few days now.