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Using the App for Key Handoff and Returns

Day-tripper II

Has anyone else had issues using the app to do a key handoff or return? I was unable to use the key handoff on my mobile phone, it would not advance past the photographs. On the return I was not comfortable using it because I needed to add additional miles and other fees and did not see that as an option. Hoping the app has a roadmap for improvement, however I am happy that Outdoorsy has an app for many reasons because the other guys (name withheld) don't have one...! Luckily 80% of our bookings are from Outdoorsy πŸ™‚


Day-tripper III

We have tried to use the app and find it works reasonably well on iPhones but not on Android. It seems that Android phones will work some of the time but not always. We have switched back to the old fashioned way of taking pics on the phone and storing them in case there is an issue. We use pick up and return forms that are manually filled in. Since 50-60% of our rentals are deliveries, our delivery drivers, along with our staff who are doing the pick ups at our location, were already getting frustrated with the app and our season is just starting (Michigan). We'll keep testing the app but until it is less buggy, we'll stick with digital photos, paper, and ink. (We have ten units so we need to keep our delivery drivers happy!)

Thank you so much for your reply, I have tried my iPhone with not much luck so far... Like you, I have continued to use the paper for now as well as pictures. Sounds like you have a nice business going, we are still only one family rig for now, stays busy all summer we have to plan our personal trips carefully or we won't get to use it... πŸ™‚




The current downfall of the all-electronic system....we the owners do not have access to the pictures or electronic submission after it has been submitted, and it can not be altered once submitted.   The app does not have as many places to note issues discovered, tank levels, or preexisting damage.  In addition, I have learned to take pictures on my iPhone.  Then upload the pictures saved. If you "take a photo" in the app, then the picture is not saved on your phone for your record, and you don't have access to them once they are uploaded (see the previous issue).   The only record I have is the paper copies signed at departure and return.  We do use dropbox to scan the paperwork immediately before leaving the RV and storing on a shared folder that our team of 3 have access.  The paper is then shredded.  The electronic system is an interesting idea, but the way the insurance companies hound you for signed departure and return forms, I am not gonna switch until the aggravating insurance companies stop finding minute reasons to deny my claims against the renter's damage.