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Unsafe Tow Vehicle & Experience = Permanently Blocked Dates?


New to the site. 2nd rental. Had an elderly gentleman rent my 22ft camper to travel the perimeter of the western US starting in Louisiana to California, up to Oregon, to the Dakotas and back down. This is fine except for two things. 

1. He wanted to do it with a Subaru

2. His only tow experience was a 12ft aluminum fishing boat to the lake and back. 

After hearing this, I had to cancel. Now I have 7 weeks this summer permanently blocked. Is this common practice on Outdoorsy? Am I always bound to anyone with a Honda Civic that wants to pull my travel trailer? Why do they not have settings that filter renters by experience and tow vehicles? This seems really backward and dangerous.

Customer Service is awful, but their script reading game is on point. Any ideas? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @Aethereal
Sorry to hear about this experience. I've made sure to note your feedback in regards to getting more upfront information about the renters and their towing experience/vehicle.

There's that scripted/form response I mentioned. If you were truly sorry, I wouldn't be penalized for making a choice that is in the best interest of the renter and the other drivers on the road. Its almost like Outdoorsy doesn't really care what happens as long as the credit card goes through. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Aethereal I'm sorry you felt the response I gave was scripted. We're always learning and looking to improve, which is why I wanted to share your situation with our teams.

The only time a permanent block is put in place is conditionally related to the reason the owner chooses to cancel. If it’s a mutual cancellation (owner selects “renter chose to cancel”) then the dates reopen. If the owner chooses “my rig is booked for a personal trip, my rig is booked on another website” or several others then it places a permanent block on those dates so that more Outdoorsy renters don't get disappointed by requesting dates that are unavailable. When you have time please give our support team a call and they can remove the 7-week block for you. You can reach us at +1 877-723-7232.

Day-tripper II

So I always check tow vehicle requirements before accepting a rental.  If I find out after booking it’s not going to work because of something like a tow vehicle it’s up to the renter to cancel.  I never cancel.... 

I too ask about the tow vehicle and towing experience before accepting the reservation. This has saved us a lot of headache! New to towing is ok. But new to towing and driving a Civic, not ok, lol!


Day-tripper III

Unfortunately this new policy is a result of owners who would cancel an existing reservation in order to accept a longer reservation. Certain reasons for cancellation will get flagged and the dates will be permanently blocked. 


I would definitely add more language in your posting about preferred tow experience and the type of vehicles you will only allow to tow your RV. (i.e. half ton or higher rated vehicles only) No honda's or Suburu's! 😁 Good Luck! Why not even asl for the renter to message you about towing details/questions prior to reserving maybe??