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Unresponsive renter


Hey guys, I have a renter who booked/paid and asked one question almost immediately. I answered his question and followed up with a separate question of my own. Since then(over a week) there has been radio silence. I have even reached out to him a couple more times and zero response. He is listed as not verified. The problem I have is the dates are blocked because he paid his money but not hearing from him makes me nervous that he will ultimately cancel and at the same time I am missing out on other renters. Any advice?



We had a renter this summer that did almost the same. I almost canceled the rental because they were so unresponsive. The only difference is they did verify and purchase the insurance. I called support when the handoff time was very near and I had not heard from the renter. They did show up, exactly on time. Come to find out, they were renting for a wedding in a remote location and had been out of service for several days. Had I canceled the rental, it would have been catastrophic for the wedding party. Phew! I'm glad I went with the gut feeling!! That being said, the other reason I did not cancel is because we had the cancelation policy set to the lowest, and we would not have received any compensation for our time and effort. I have since changed our policy to the moderate setting. At least this way, if a future rental doesn't feel right, we'll get part of the fees. Hope our story gives you a bit of confidence in your decisions!

Todd & Marcia

Thank you for the response!

Do we still get paid out if we as owners cancel? When I had to cancel because the renter wanted one of my other units on a different day, outdoorsy advised me to cancel the original booking and then those dates were blocked permanently on my calendar because I was the one who cancelled. And I didn't receive any payout.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rsroche Generally, if you as an owner cancels, you will not get a payout. Permanent blocks can be removed only under very specific circumstances. In your case, it sounds like this was a mutual cancellation, therefore a permanent block would not be enforced. Definitely call our customer service team when something like this happens to discuss your options. You as the owner can always initiate a mutual cancellation by selecting the reason "The renter requested I cancel this booking".

Weekend warrior II

Yea it happens from time to time with us. Keep in mind that most renters are brand new to renting RVs, and therefore are also brand new to using the Outdoorsy platform. They may not be getting notifications, or may not recognize them right away. We had a renter who didn’t get anything until they finally signed in to the website a few days before the reservation started and saw all my messages. If you cancel, and all it was on their end was technology issues, then they miss out on their vacation (which would make me upset if I was a renter).

You should definitely keep an eye on the unverified status, and make sure payments go through for the booking and the deposit. If you are a day or two out and they haven’t paid something, or are unverified still, you can always reach out to Outdoorsy support and they can help you navigate from there.