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Unfortunate Rental Experience

Day-tripper II

I'm here to share a very unfortunate experience. I have rented my travel trailer 5 times now. The first four were wonderful. This last time threw me for a loop. This is going to be a very long post. My most recent rental was a man who was taking his kids out of town for a long weekend. I've met a lot of amazing people already but this guy was by far the kindest most knowledgeable and best pleasure to interact with. About 30 minutes after he took the travel trailer he messaged me with a photograph and said that he was packing up a chair inside of the outside storage compartment where he discovered that the frame to the master bed had caved in into the storage compartment. My husband and I were very shocked and wondered if this man caused the damage but we wanted to be reasonable and in all honesty I had not looked inside that compartment before I sent it to him. After all the guy only had the trailer for 30 minutes or so. So I added the damage to the contract he had signed stating that it was a previous damage. I'm still okay with that because I'm not a hundred percent sure. When the gentleman returned the trailer for days later he was very upfront and said he had some things to tell us. First he took us to the front of the travel trailer to show us that he had ran into a tree and put about a full square foot dent in the trailer. I told him that was okay and we won't charge him for that. But then he took us inside. He said his son had ripped the TV mount out of the wall but he was proud to show us that he glued it back onto the wall. There was dry glue dripping from the wall. Then he showed us that the dinette table had so much pressure pushed into it it had rips off of the wall. He was also proud to show us that he really drilled the holes in the table and glued the racket strip back onto the table. My husband and I were nearly speechless. After the man left my husband and I talked and then we reached out to our renter. We express to him that we are willing to let all of the other damages go but that the dining room table could create a safety risk for future renters. The renter agreed that he would pay for the table and he even suggested an RV repair shop. Coincidentally that is the same shop my husband and I were going to take it to. I figured it was a win-win. We took it in the very next day and it took two days but they gave us our quote. It was a bit more than any of us expected 350 for the dinette set and $100 for an hour of Labor. When we told the repair shop what it happened they informed us that they also rent travel trailers out of their shop and they had banned this man from renting their trailers. They explained it the man did not know it but they will never rent to him again because he always brings them back with damages. They said that he always tries to say the damages were already there. That did not sound anything like the man we were talking to. The man we were talking to took full accountability and was willing to pay for it. Now as most of you know ... if we want to collect fees from the deposit we only have 7 days. We were already four days in at this point. I sent the cost breakdown to the renter. It took about an hour for him to respond but when he responded he was very kind but started questioning the Integrity of the table before he received it. He then asked us to split the cost with him. Now he was sounding just like the shop told me about. At that point I went ahead and paid for the replacement table and charged the fees to the man's deposit. I was not willing to accept payment outside of outdoorsy because if he didn't do it in time I would eat the cost. On top of that if I do any business outside of outdoorsy than any coverage I might have through outdoorsy becomes null and void. Fast forward to today. When I went to look at our reviews the man had changed his glowing five star review of us to a 2 star review. He said in his review that everything went well at first until we were trying to discuss repairs to a table. He said that I quit talking to him and filed a claim. This was extremely frustrating because I have been priding myself and having non-stop Perfect reviews and perfect experiences. We are eating the $200 cost of having the bed frame repaired. We are going to remove them out from the wall and put a picture frame up. We are going to just let the dent from him hitting a tree stay as it is. We did not deserve any of this. So far it seems like outdoorsy is doing things on the up-and-up to secure our claim to collect fees. What really upset me though is that after looking at all of this outdoorsy will not get rid of his review. It saddens me that I have a 2 star review when we didn't deserve any of this and still showed Grace to this man. I really wish that since I have all the facts all the photographs and all the conversations from this man that outdoorsy would get rid of his review. It's just not fair that somebody could potentially affect our business negatively because we held him accountable for paying only one of the several damages he caused



O my God!! What a story!! They should for sure remove his review and warn others not to let him rent any longer! I am so sorry for your bad experience!! 

Weekend warrior

We had a similar experience - but not nearly as bad as yours. And we ended up with a bad review Outdoorsy won't remove or let us respond to. Me? I would have charged him for EVERYTHING. And I bet going forward you will also.

This is a good lesson to the new owner to Outdoorsy and those that haven't been hosed by a renter - don't be nice. Be professional. Communicate. Document before they leave and after. Offer them the chance to make it right quickly, and then make a claim. You have to. 

You acted like saints - way moreso than I would. I hope someone from Outdoorsy sees this and maybe proposes to the site admins a way to perma-ban these types of renters.

Happy trails going forward.

Thank you. I have a tendency to let people trespass against me and still try to make everyone happy in the end lol. (Its one of my short comings.) I document everything to a T and even make my renters sit through a long thorough review of the paperwork. But silly me just never thought to open up the storage compartment haha. I will never do that again

Community Manager
Community Manager

@KrystalIP this definitely is tough to hear. It sounds like you've handled the situation extremely well and remained entirely professional. I'm glad to hear that Outdoorsy is working hard for you, in terms of your claim.

Outdoorsy allows for both renters and owners to leave their opinions regarding their experience through review. If the review is not derogatory or defamatory the review will stay. I understand it can be hard to get a negative review when you've worked hard to earn a good number of 5-star ones, but the professional response you gave will show other potential renters how well you handle tough situations.


Thank you! We still appreciate this opportunity. Because of outdoorsy we get to take our very first ever 

As someone who is currently on the fence about starting to rent, I believe Outdoorsy owes at least a partial investigation to negative reviews and remove or keep if found to be justifiable.

Day-tripper II

The review system in Outdoorsy really works against owners 😞   I'm really sorry you had this experience.  I have had some pretty awful renters (two) and unfortunately didn't review them for fear of the same negative review in return out of spite.


I’m really hoping Outdoorsy has fixed this.  I stopped reading the comments, as I heard enough.  We’ve been very hesitant about starting to rent our 27’ rockwood roo mini lite, and hope outdoorsy would remove unjustified bad reviews from renters as we are the ones putting our asset at risk.