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Turning First Time Renters Into Loyal Customers

Day-tripper II

We all strive to keep our customers happy with the service we provide. So how do you turn your first time renters into repeat lifelong customers? Do you have any special things you do or say that tends to bring them back?

Please share what works for you in your business!  😊


Day-tripper III

I think it's always good to do what you can to make their first experience memorable and establish a great connection with them. When I think about the businesses that I'm loyal to, the ones I always go back to, or the first ones I think of when I need something, it's always because they've made that strong connection with me. Do things like ask if they would like to share some of their photos, or stories about the best part of their trip, ask them if there's anything they felt they needed or would advise you to do differently and then really try to incorporate their ideas, respond to their review in a way that they know their experience and feedback is important to you. Also let them know you offer a repeat renter discount, or a referal discount (refer a friend and get a discount on their next rental from you.) Reach out and let them know if things are booking up around the time they rented from you before and remind them you offer a repeat renter discount. All of these things will make your renter feel important to your business so they know you aren't just looking at them as another payout. 

Wow, what a great and informative comment! I totally agree. Especially about making the connection with the renter. Good stuff! Thanks!