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Trucks v. Vans


I have an off-grid, 4-season truck camper called a SCOUT with solar panels and a fireplace but I do not seem to be getting the same buzz as the high-end camper vans are getting. Has anybody else had that experience? Don't get me wrong, I love camper vans, had one for a long time before getting this camper. I just thought I would be getting at least some buzz since this is a new model and fairly rare.


Weekend warrior II

It's probably because truck campers are more of a specialty rig, and less mainstream at the moment. Vanlife is pretty trendy right now, and tons of people who want to try it out are looking at custom camper vans for rent just for that reason. Renters who are brand new to RV/Campervan use (which makes up a large percentage of renters on Outdoorsy) are going to go with the popular option most of the time.

Unfortunately this means less hype for your rig specifically. The renters you get will probably be those who have used or owned truck campers in the past, or those that want it for a specific purpose.

For the record, the SCOUT campers look awesome, and I have wanted to try one out for a while now.


Hey Sean, I looked up the Scout Truck Camper, nice rig. But after reading your post, I wonder how your listing is written and who your target audience is? Or rather, do you know who your target renters are? I'd use the Scout website for that info. If it were me, I'd be marketing your scout to young people, 20s and 30s. I'm a veteran and I can say this sort of thing would appeal to folks in the military (many of them have trucks). Do you happen to live near an air base or army post? 

Another thing you might consider (if you are not already doing so) is your own social media. Maybe create a FB page that features your Scout out in the wild.

Another thing to do is post lots of photos on your listing with your Scout's features and again out in the wild. Again, going back to the Scout website, use the same terminology it uses for your listing and FB/SM posts. Use both to tell your own adventure stories.

Let us know how it goes.