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Trip Add Ons and Additional Rental Items - What's been working well?

Day-tripper II

I've been thinking about investing in an inflatable stand up paddle board as an additional rental item for an added fee. Has anyone success with Add Ons such as this? What has been working really well to boost your rental income? Have you done anything super creative?

One other idea I had thought about was putting together meal packages with fun Seattle stuff that people could order in advance, but I decided I'd have to charge a lot to make it worth my while (the hassle of driving around to pick it up and time it would take). Unless it was all shelf-stable and I could buy a number of items in one trip - but still not sure I want to deal with the headache.

Curious what others are doing!


Weekend warrior II

With add on's like a SUP, golf cart etc, I don't believe these would be covered by any of Outdoorsy's insurance, you would need to have a rocking liability waiver as well! I have thought meal packages as well but with the rising cost of food, sometimes stuff not being available, it may be hard to deliver on certain things.  I have enough to do with getting a camper out the door to worry about trying to grocery shop for someone 🙂 

Would we be held liable for a SUP rental? It's actually listed as one of the 5 Amenities to Add in this article on the Outdoorsy blog:

So if that's the case - the Admins should update that.

I agree though - the food thing would be a pain and not worth the effort.

Weekend warrior

I've actually (sadly) yet to find an Add-On that sticks.

I have a Fun n" Games package that is somewhat popular (1/4 of our renters have rented it), but honestly, unless you're buying super cheap games, it's almost impossible to rent these out and not have them cost you in the end (people lose pieces, ruin cards, take pens or pencils, etc)-- these indiscretions aren't discovered until a week or two after their vacation has ended, you've had other renters, and it's simply impossible to know who lost/broke/misplaced what and the prices go up and up and we, the owners, have to pay for them. And that really begins to add up!

I have a six and 8 quart Instant Pot offer that no one has yet to take advantage of (not a big deal at all-- they're ours, and we just figure someone, somewhere, may want to rent them. Until then, we use them, and there's no skin off our nose). If they break them in any way, replacement is built-in to our security deposit.

The only other "successful" (meaning one out of the past eight renters has taken advantage of it) was our BBQ Add-0n.  We're old school when it comes to BBQing, so we have a traveling Weber-like BBQ and offer a full BBQ'ers package with it (lump charcoal, a chimney, clean paper to help get the embers burning, and a BBQ lighter), a BBQ chef apron, and a full-on BBQ chef's knife set! Aside from having a built-in outdoor BBQ kitchen, this thing is pretty awesome, but, as I said, no one seems interested, in our area.

Around here, everyone wants to go wine tasting, golfing, shopping, surfing, kayaking, hiking, etc. No one wants to hang out around their campsite much, and when they do, they want to watch TV on our Smart TV or play the basic games that we provide (Yahtzee, basic playing cards, etc). 

Few want to cook-- they prefer easy sandwich-style meals or easy takeaway meals.

However, understand that this is particular to OUR area-- every rental area is unique in what renters may or may not need or want. Keep trying out your Add-Ons and find the ones that people seem to lean toward, then tweak those. 

We'll all eventually find what does and doesn't work. Let's just hope we're not all too broke on time and money in the end! lol (But honestly, if we are, every season is a season of learning. We can take what we learn from this season, tweak it and make it almost perfect for next season! We should at least give it a go, right?)