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Trailers Vs. Campervants?


What's the best return on investment?


We currently rent out an airstream, tow vehicle, and an overland Jeep. We get the airstream booked the most of course, but we're considering getting another camping vehicle and aren't sure what to go with. On one hand, a trailer has less maintenance and is on average a higher price. We get so many failed quotes though due to folks either not having a tow vehicle, or having one that isn't big enough. 


For those of you who rent vans or campers that are self propelled AND trailers, do you see a big difference between the two? What would you recommend we purchase for the best return on investment? 




Day-tripper III

Most renters would like to drive and go. However the dilemma then becomes maintenance and the legalities behind those decisions. Trailers depending on the weight and size yield more stationary options with more room and more accommodating features. Family friendly is the way to go when it comes to renting RV's. Yes you might catch a family that shares the love for campervans, but over all the analysis shows a better return on trailers. For more information on the breakdown you can follow me.  "Best renting practices from an analytical approach" Cheers 🙂


i prefer trailers, much less maintenance and liability=more profit


On the Trailer side make sure it is half ton towable.  Our suggestion on motor homes is a class b with slides.  

Day-tripper III

I agree with Wyorents. Half ton towable and kid friendly. I’ve done motorhome but having to semi pack up to go somewhere is time consuming and cumbersome.