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Tow Vehicle Insurance



Does any body offer a tow vehicle for rent when renting their trailer? I was planning to do that, but I talked to my insurance company (GEICO) and they said that if I offered my vehicle for rent it would violate the terms of my auto policy with them - even though the rental period would be covered by the outdoorsy-provided insurance! In short, they said that I would effectively be 'uncovered' during my personal use of the vehicle simply based on the fact that I'm 'offering' the vehicle for rent.

So I called a couple other insurance companies (progressive, Liberty Mutual) and they said the same thing.

I even asked about commercial insurance from progressive, and they said it wouldn't cover that.

I've asked a local insurance broker to investigate options for me - but it actually doesn't look too promising.

Does anybody rent their tow vehicle and have an insurance policy that is OK with renting it out sometimes, given that the risk during the rental period is absorbed by the outdoorsy insurance on tow-vehicle listings? Something like "roamly" but for the tow vehicles?





Hello all - Follow up to my original post. I called Roamly (who I was already using for my trailer insurance) and they also covered my tow vehicle with the same "outdoorsy friendly" assurances as provided with my trailer. I was pleased to find that out - however, for me it was substantially more expensive to insure my TV with Roamly than with GEICO. Despite that, I took the option with Roamly as I'd really like to offer my TV on outdoorsy as an option! 

Thank you for the info! We're thinking about offering our tow vehicle as an add-on as well. Have you had success with it? Has anyone selected to add it? Any issues?