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Toll not paid by renters


We are dealing with a mess from our previous renters.  They did about 8k in damages in addition to the lack of common courtesy of emptying the black tank, refueling, etc  It has been about a month and we just received an invoice for an unpaid toll.  Granted it's only $23 BUT that's not the point.  Has anyone had this happen before with renters and if so, is there a way to make sure that it doesn't come out of our pocket?  With all that happened, the renters are not responsive to us.    Not a huge deal and I would simply overlook it if it had been one of our other awesome renters but this family was not that.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with this renter. In reference to tolls, if you were made aware of these charges prior to the release of the security deposit, we recommend that these charges be claimed from the security deposit. If you became aware of toll charges after the security deposit had been released, Outdoorsy can charge the renter's credit card on file for the additional amount. Prior to doing that, provide Outdoorsy with a copy of the toll bill, a signed copy of the rental contract, and notify the renters of the charges via the Outdoorsy messaging center. Additionally, you should submit the documents from above directly to the email. I hope this helps!

Day-tripper II

I've received unpaid toll notices multiple times. Up to 3 wks after deposit has been released. The 1st time I contacted OD & was told they'd take care of it. But I never heard back or received the toll amount so I just paid it. Thankfully it wasn't too much. I just paid it the next 2 times out of pocket as it wasn't massive amounts but it can quickly add up! If you read the back of the toll notification it says you can send them what they need (rental contract) & they'll bill the renter instead. I haven't tried it yet as the toll amount wasn't worth the effort to me.