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This just something I want to bring up for the good of the group. We try our best not to give out our address before pickup, but when renters have booked, the address is inevitable.


Our travel trailer was stolen right off our driveway late one night. Took them 8 minutes. We live on a cul de sac.

not sure that it was a renter obviously, but just wanted to make sure everyone was locking up their hitch, utilizing gps on their rig, and keeping details close to vest as you can. Maybe your hood isn’t as wild as LA, but we didn’t anticipate someone would be so brazen as to come steal an Rv. We were wrong


Day-tripper II

Nothing safe anymore people just suck. We have a local music festival and they require proof of ownership before u can bring a rv in, mostly for the kids that buy a trailer or steal one and leave it after the festival cause they don’t want it

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Socalrvrental so so sorry to hear this! Theives are just the worst!

Weekend warrior

This has been a real concern for us - our camper is BIG and sits on a pad in front of the house (is the only way we can get it in and out and even then...).

The size of our camper does pose a challenge for thieves, I'm sure, but even at the campsite we use a robust hitch lock - it only makes sense. Plus, we have a Ring camera that captures everything in our yard.

And on the rental site, we use an address CLOSE to ours, but is actually a school.


I recommend locking up your hitch AND installing a GPS tracker. It's important to prevent theft, but we also had an issue where the renter was taking our trailer WAY past the allotted mileage and on roads that were way more dangerous than what it's designed for. We would never have known if we didn't have the GPS info. As for our renters-we make it a policy not to check or view GPS location while they're on their trip for privacy.

I installed a gps tracker on my Wolf Pack for my piece of mind. I thought the insurance company would approve and perhaps a discount for security. I was told” If it was a motor home sure”. Well got my piece of mind out of it 🙂

Day-tripper II

so we actually use the address of the local Target for the location. That way, our address is never listed. And we meet renters at the Target instead of our house. Works great, have never had an issue and the big parking lot is a bonus!

Day-tripper III

This is becoming a real issue. Keeping a ball lock on your rv while not in use or stationary during a rental period is key. Sizing is key and well worth the investment. CHEERS 🍻

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