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Suggestions or Experience re: Seasonal/Holiday rat

Weekend warrior

Hi everyone, I was curious to find out feedback from other hosts who have been successful in maximizing rental profits by increasing length-of-stay minimum’s as well as increased booking rates per night for Fourth of July, as well as the memorial day and Labor Day weekend’s.  

It seems like there may be enough rental opportunity that requesting a weeklong booking especially during the Fourth of July week makes sense so as to not lose those midweek days for weekend-only renters. Does anyone have any feedback about that?


Thanks!  Camper Jim



Hey Camper Jim, we just started so some others may have better advice, but we plan on doing a minimum of 4 night rental (standard is 2 nights) for Holidays, and special events. Interested in what others do and how they do it.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.  We do 4 nights for holidays.  I often wonder if it might be best to require even longer during 4th of July since demand is at its highest and there are almost certain to be week-long vacationers seeking a camper.  -Camper Jim


How do you change minimum days and rates for holidays like that? I would plan for a 3 night minimum and raise the rate by 25% during peak times like that if I knew how.


Here is the flow:

Go to your Dashboard / click on Listings at the top / click on your listing / click on Booking Options on the left column / then Create New Rule. 


You'll create 2 rules, one for the date parameter and a second for your rate.  Once those are saved, your Listing will reflect those booking parameters as guests pursue your listing! 

Best to you, Camper Jim