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SRA (Supplemental Rental Agreement) posting with listing?


Hi, all - 

Is there any way in the Outdoorsy owner listing to add a SRA?  The other big sharing platform offers this (with disclaimers of course) and allows you to upload your SRA as a stand alone document (ie not just copied and pasted into your listing text).  This flags a prospective renter that the owner has a SRA that will be part of the agreement.

Right now, I have my SRA as part of my listing description text and post it again to renters before I approve their listing with the understanding that they will need to sign a paper copy at pickup.  I’d just like to make this a little easier.  Thanks.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @spence767! Great question. We have heard this feedback before but unfortunately, for now, we don't offer this option since Outdoorsy doesn't enforce SRA's unless it is in your Rules of the Road. You can email the SRA to the renter once the reservation has been booked- some owners do this!