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SRA and E-Sign

Day-tripper II

I was more active last year on "the other platform that rents". I didn't like their method of departure/return paperwork, so Imported into docusign and had everything e-signed day of pickup and return. I add that to the expenses for the year on taxes. Does anyone else have an e-sign system they like/cost effective? I'm also probably going to do that for an SRA this year as well. Thanks!


Day-tripper III

Although paid platforms offer security as long as their is a SRA and E-sign in place this can be performed in free platforms other than Docu-sign. In addition, physical signatures are required and shouldn't be left out unless a situation arises for a claim and / or legal reasons. Outdoorsy is working on a complete e-sign system designed for this very situation. Stay tuned for more tips.