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Site-Lock Fees or “… reserves the right to switch your site if necessary”

Day-tripper II

A number of campgrounds are now charging “Site-Lock Fees” and/or have disclaimers that they can switch a renter to a different site. My fear is that we are delivering to a campground who has switched the renter to a smaller site because the renter did not pay a site-lock fee and the trailer won’t fit. We can’t deliver the trailer even though it is out of our control. Picked-up trailers by the renter can have the same problem when the renter shows up at the campsite they thought they had reserved and their trailer doesn’t fit. How are you handling this? Do you have an upfront disclaimer that covers this situation? So many issues and concerns are raised with this new and growing trend by campgrounds.


Day-tripper III

I haven't heard about this but now I'm curious to hear about other's experiences with this and how they've handled it. 


Day-tripper II

Since I didn't receive a response from anyone to my question, I made up my own "policy" for our renters regarding "site-lock" or "site-specific" fees. As I researched other campgrounds in our area, I came across some that don't charge a site-specific fee but have on their websites policies like: "_____ reserves the right to switch your site if necessary." I also came across a website for an accounting firm that specializes in working with campgrounds and they claim campgrounds that charge site-specific fees increase their revenue by 25-30% That's a pretty good incentive to charge the fee. It will be interesting to see how this plays out this coming camping season when a lot more campgrounds in Michigan are starting to charge site-specific fees. At least Michigan state parks are still, "You reserved site 28, you get site 28." Let's hope it stays that way!