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Day-tripper II

Hello all!  So Reserve America is a piece of junk software that I can’t seem to pull specific site information off of without finding an open date for reservation (for that site, specifically).  What I want to do is confirm on my own that my renter’s chosen location will fit our travel trailer.  This is such a cumbersome process that should be SUPER EASY!  What gives?  Suggestions please!


Weekend warrior

Don't get me started on Reserve America!! We've been camping up and down the west coast and beyond, and their website can be beyond frustrating to say the least! Don't get me wrong-- I appreciate that it's there (it used to be a phone reservation platform, and man-- that could be a "fun" way to spend a couple of hours. 😐 )

Anyway, when I want to scope out sites for ourselves and sometimes for renters and can't find a way to force my way into RA or Reserve California, Reserve Oregon, etc, I use . 

They don't always have the pictures that you need, but I've found them more helpful than not--- Except for two weeks ago when a renter had a specific site that was not clearly a full hook-up site on the campground map, so I went to, and every picture, of every site around it, clearly had pics of the entire site (showing the hook-up situation)-- except for the one our renters had rented!! There was a truck pictured directly in front of where the hook-ups may (or may not) have been! lol That doesn't happen often, but it does (obviously) happen. 

The only other advice that I can give you (based on what I've done), is to try to find the campground on IG, FB, or even a general Google search, and see if people have pictures from the sites (yes, I've found campsite pics and info this way). It can be a bit of detective work sometimes, but here in CA, we have a lot of campgrounds that have become overwhelmed with post-covid rentals and can't answer the phone like they used to, so these are sometimes our only options.

Anyway, I know this was a long-winded explanation, but I hope that it helps in some way! 😊

Sounds good, thanks!