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Day-tripper II

Anyone figure out how the search results are figured? I see Rv's with 10+ positive reviews lower in the results than ones with less and worse reviews, I had an agent work through our listing and say everything looks great but we still appear on page two or three way behind other listings who do not match the parameters explained o me.


Day-tripper III

Location is key. Distance is set and Outdoorsy is working on a robust system that will accurately guide renters by various search criteria. Although an owner cannot list multiple listing for multiple locations it is a good point of reference to be competitive with price, amenities, and badges that appear on your profile. In addition, relent just because some says something looks good doesn't mean the results will yield top placement. I've found this to be true. For more tips stay tunes.

Day-tripper III

Sorry for the late response to this thread. I've noticed that location doesn't seem to affect the "Recommended" search results. I have 10 units and consistently show up on page 3 or 4 with owners who are over 30 to 70 miles farther away than me showing up higher in the search results than me. I have a 4.9 review rating and my rental rates are competitive if not lower than others. I am baffled what OD's search algorithm is. Any idea what is going on?